King of Pentacles as Stagnation. Overall the thing I’m attempting to say is that YES I have experienced it as stagnation but in addition have actually the strong indisputable fact that it really is an optimistic stagnation that may be necessary.

King of Pentacles as Stagnation. Overall the thing I’m attempting to say is that YES I have experienced it as stagnation but in addition have actually the strong indisputable fact that it really is an optimistic stagnation that may be necessary.

I’ve been seeing the King of Pents in a LOT of spreads when it comes to year that is last. He appears to be representative of a long period of extreme stagnation — the kind where it nearly appears like a time that is cosmic. Additionally, the efforts manufactured in the last to obtain unstuck are not appearing to exert effort.

Has anybody ever seen this card represent extreme groundedness or stagnation within the position that is upright? Or such a thing along those lines? Some examples would be loved by me if you have seen this with all the King of Pents.

I have really received the King AND Queen together in a reading. TWICE.

It absolutely was about a relationship that We wished to badly work so. It was considered by me a sign that every would work-out well. We kept effort that is putting but those efforts did not do much. The specific situation ended up being enhanced significantly and you can find good emotions we don’t talk between us but.

We have thought that i might decide to try as soon as more whenever more hours has passed away because possibly this King and Queen might have simply been telling me personally “not now, wait just a little.” If that isn’t the case, maybe it’s just like your position for the reason that it is simply stagnancy although not in a negative means. This King and Queen are my favorite courts in the deck thus I prefer to genuinely believe that drawing them together twice will mean my deck had been attempting to provide me personally a feeling of convenience. For instance, before my efforts anyone had strong negative feelings towards me personally. After trying we are now in a peaceful state — as represented because of the King.

If you don’t necessary, then probably the deck’s means of saying this example are at a standstill however with a much nicer/comforting connotation than Hanged guy. We nevertheless love this court set and obtain feelings that are happy We see them.

Many thanks for the answer! After reading it, the King is thought by me of Pents is representing the earthiness of “what is” now. We learn astrology and their look appears to correlate with Jupiter’s motion into (and today away from) Virgo, an Earth sign. He first started showing up just last year when Jupiter moved into Virgo. Before that, he had been constantly a beneficial power, while you talked about. We utilized to welcome him in spreads with cards such as the Tower because he had been such a grounding influence. Grounded power can swiftly become stagnation, thus I think that is most likely whatever they Tarot says about him. I really hope somebody else occurs and provides more insight.

Additionally, you may be interested to learn that the King of Swords is currently arriving (combined with the Justice card) usually to share with me personally concerning the “airy” energies of Libra. The Tarot has particularly suggested that the King of Pents’ “reign” is finished and it’s really time for an shift that is energetic.

I am hoping this can help you too!

King Of Pents has a tendency to appear during retrograde durations in my situation. Re-working old problems sort of thing. He could be the outward expression of mastery of temporal life on a different foundation so I guess if your life isn’t working out or flowing them some work is necessary to put it. The Queen of Pents for me personally represents a concealed subconscious issue that i’ve been taking care of the for the previous year. The set showed up regularly over this time frame. She actually is exactly about taking care of the concealed impacts, he is about focusing on the aware people in relation to my entire life. I nevertheless get him daily and it also is sensible since i’m re-building my profession through the ground up at this time. The King could be seen by you of Pents given that tradesman associated with tarot. Allowing you to set the fundamentals, place in the plumbing work, building the homely home of wide range stone by stone. He’s slow moving though since these plain things just take careful measures. The plans needs to be consulted at every action for the means and every little bit of work must certanly be checked for proper workmanship.

I did so a celtic cross today to my brand new job in addition to King Of Pents ended up being immediately because the very first card.

Yes We have undoubtedly heard of KP as stagnation. This has show up in my situation once I have expected about love interests that are comfortable for what to remain since they are and never seeking to replace the current situation. When you look at the emotions division this has meant emotions having gone so far as they could. Whatever they feel now for you personally is not likely to improve.

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